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togel online Leaderboard – Current Leaders


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For the first time this month, a new leader is atop the togel online monthly tournament leaderboard. A slow week for baneris resulted in a slide from first to second after holding onto the top position for over two weeks. Meanwhile 1$ickDisea$E picked up nearly 2000 chips over the last seven days to move from fifth place into the leader position. Fueled by a second place finish in a $162 tournament, OLD TIME GIN shot from outside of the top 100 into a comfortable third place seat.

Two more players who came out of nowhere this week were BruceWizayne and df1986. After being out of the top 100 last week, BruceWizayne picked up a ton of chips and now sits in fourth place, just 10 chips out of a top three position. df1986 also came out of nowhere and is now just four chips behind BruceWizayne. Sitting in sixth this week, just 35 points back of fifth, is THE_ALPACA who is riding a high streak after taking down a major tournament for over $200k ten days ago.


Last week’s second place player ob_1_cannoli also had a slow week, slipping all the way back to seventh place. DESS66 logged a much better week, picking up over 1500 chips and moving from 25th to 8th place. 1ofaKind420 picked up a similar amount of chips and also made a move from 28th to 9th place on the leaderboard. Yet another player to come flying from outside the top 100 this week was MickBt23, who is now rounding out the top 10 players with 5175 chips.


The race has become far closer than last week, as baneris looked to be running away with it and is now being sucked in by the others. Less than 100 chips now separate fourth and seventh place, so anybody could make a big move with ten days left in the month. The top ten race will come down to the wire as well, as there is slightly over 1000 chips separating 1$ickDisea$E in first and MickBt23 in tenth. With some big movers this week, nobody’s place is safe and each chip will make a big difference at the end of the month.


The top 10 looks like this with ten days left in February:


  1. 1$ickDisea$E – 6185.68 chips
  2. baneris – 6161.92 chips
  3. OLD TIME GIN – 5583.07 chips
  4. BruceWizayne – 5573.15 chips
  5. df1986 – 5569.36 chips
  6. THE_ALPACA – 5534.22 chips
  7. ob_1_cannoli – 5491.50 chips
  8. DESS66 – 5344.53 chips
  9. 1ofaKind420 – 5318.78 chips
  10. MickBt23 – 5175.87 chips


With just four days left in the month, the PokerStars monthly leaderboard’s top positions could still go either way. With slightly more than 1000 points separating first and tenth place, a big day could still move anybody into a much different position. Not a lot has changed since last week as far as names go, as there is only one that has dropped out of the top ten in the last seven days. DESS66 slipped from ninth place last week to eleventh currently, while Patrolman35 moved up six places and now sits in the last spot of the top ten.

Zackattak13 was the big mover of the week, as he shot from eighth place into the leader position, making him one of the favorite to take home the top prize at the end of the month. Trailing Zackattak13 by just sixty chips however is last week’s leader 1$ickDisea$E, who could still make a move in the last few days and take down the first prize. Holding onto the third place position from last week was OLD TIME GIN, who now sits 300 chips out of first. A big win in the closing days of the month however could easily move OLD TIME GIN up into the first place position.


It was a tough week for last week’s number two player baneris, who after starting the month off on a tear was completely stopped this week, picking up zero chips. He now sits in fourth place, 400 chips out of first. Despite the dead week, baneris is still close enough to pull out an upset at the last minute. Moving into the fifth place spot, from seventh last week, is ob_1_cannoli who may be a long shot for first but still has the chance to move up a few positions and pick up a lot more prize money. Just 200 points back of ob_1_cannoli is THE_ALPACA who has been fading fast after picking up a huge amount of chips from a huge $200k+ win in a major tournament earlier in the month.


BruceWizayne also failed to pick up many points this week, moving up just 10 chips. He slipped from fifth last week back to the seventh seat this week. Also, he is far back of the top five in chips, meaning he will need a strong finish to the month if he wants to move up the standings at all. Even worse news for BruceWizayne is that both df1986 and 1ofaKind420 are both less than forty points behind him. With the scores this close, the last places in the top ten are sure to come down to the last day of the month.


Next week we will wrap up the last days of February and see who can take down the big prizes for the month. Also, we will have coverage of the first few days of March and see who can jump out to a quick lead.


The top ten with just four days left in the month looks like this:


  1. Zackattak13 – 6557.83 chips
  2. 1$ickDisea$E – 6493.92 chips
  3. OLD TIME GIN – 6243.88 chips
  4. baneris – 6161.92 chips
  5. ob_1_cannoli – 5908.94 chips
  6. THE_ALPACA – 5762.96 chips
  7. BruceWizayne – 5582.25 chips
  8. df1986 – 5569.36 chips
  9. 1ofaKind420 – 5546.29 chips
  10. Patrolman35 – 5434.43 chips




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