The BIG one, by toto sgp Costa

toto sgp 2005 – July 8th, by Peter CostaWith the first day of the main event spread over three days – I was very happy with my second day start. At least this way – if I made it through, I could get a get good rest before playing again. In such cases, it’s best to try and ignore what has happened previously and focus just on your own play. For example, the chip leader after the first session had around 160K. Although you cannot ignore it – you just have to try and play your own game.


I went to bed at around the previous night – hoping to try and catch up on lost sleep. So much for plan A! I was up at After trying to chill out by playing online – I finally managed another two hours. This was not a good start though. It was not surprising that I slept at the table during the first three levels. Good job really, as I was in for a long night.


Playing very tight to begin with (far too tired to try and mix it up), I was down to 9300 after level one. Second level was better as I managed to increase my stack to 18K – good start. With my table being one of the last to break – I had set the image that I wanted – just in case I needed to make some moves later. Needn’t have worried! I had a fair few hands and slowly built up to 48K. This was perfect. Not one chip in danger in 12 hours of play – I could not have asked for more.


New player arrives and he raises under the gun – not sure about him. But with Q-Q – I cant just really call here. With blinds at 250-500 and ante of 50 – he makes it 2K to play. Lets make it 7.500 and see. Bad vibes here – but he mucks and I show Q-Q. What’s this? Q-Q again, back to back? Not having being dealt Q-Q all day – suddenly its two in a row. All muck to me on the button. They must be thinking I’m on a steal here – raise to 2500. Just as I thought – BB re-raises to 7.500. Hmm. OK, lets see what you really have – re-raise. OH oh! That was a quick all-in call. Yep – A-A. Nice hand! But wait! Three clubs and I suddenly have eleven outs. Could Peter finally give a bad beat? It’s not often that I put myself in such a position – but chances here. Justice is done and the forth club does not come. Never really thought it would to be honest. Didn’t even try to cheer one in. Don’t like to give beats. Table breaks. Got to laugh here. Why didn’t it break one minute ago? Down to 15K and moving – great. All that work….


I move tables and come in behind the button. Got to laugh again – Q-Q. What’s going on here? OK, chance to steal the blinds. Raise to 2K. Button re-raises to 5K. Laugh again. Not sure about the player here – but looks like A-A to me. Oh well – call 3K and hope to catch another Q. Yeah right – flop A-J-J. Check, check. Turn card, check check again. Laugh out loud. River and I check again – Aces full bets 3K. Yeah right!


Should be steaming here – but laugh instead. Oh..J-J – that’s a new one. OK, raise to just 1500. Button calls. Dodgy flop – could bet but too risky. Turn and the board makes it tougher to bet. River 7 and I finally make a small bet of 500. He raises another 1K. I call and he turns over 7-7 for a set. Wow! These last few minutes have been unreal. Struggling now. Down to 9300 – just like the first level. From cruising – to test after test. Wish I could go back in time – just 40 minutes is all I ask!


Looking for a hand – last 25 minutes and a new level of 75 ante playing 300-600.


BB and I find A-K. Come and get it boys! UTG limps. Next in line raises to 2500 and then a low stack goes all-in for 4800. Jesus – they want this blind bad! Steam call here for sure. But wait…this is not a good spot here. Three minutes go by. I want to gamble, but logic says otherwise. OK….I muck. Initial raiser call the extra 2300 with Qh-9h – knew I had him beat. But the all-in has K-K. A nine hits the flop but K-K wins.


Desperate situations require desperate measures. 3s-2s UTG – what the hell – raise to 2500. All muck. Now on the BB and SB raises to 1800. 3h-4s – what the hell – re-raise another 3500. Phew – he mucks. Last hand of the day and find a big hand on the SB – much bigger than the last two hands I’ve played. Raise to 2100. My 6-3 was good enough I guess. Finish with 18.650 and with some hope at least. What a day of poker! From perfection to mayhem in one hour! How can you not love this game?


A day of rest and then I join the final 1800 or so on Sunday. Low stacks and I have had a good relationship in the past – we need to again. We must reach a level of trust and love like never before. We must look after each other like our lives depended on it – until death do us part ….


Until next time – play well get lucky and remember that mayhem is only a hand away!