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Two ticket holders have become millionaires after scooping Wednesday’s Lotto jackpot, winning £1,045,860 each, said lottery organiser Camelot.

The winning numbers in the Lotto main draw were 4, 7, 8, 10, 17 and 22. The bonus number was 11.


The set of balls used was number two and the machine used was Amethyst.


The Lotto Extra numbers were 3, 23, 28, 32, 36 and 41.


No-one matched the draw, meaning Saturday’s Lotto Extra jackpot now stands at an estimated £20.7m.


Set of balls number six was used and the draw machine was Pearl.


In Thunderball, three tickets each won the guaranteed top prize of £250,000 by matching five numbers and the Thunderball.


The winning numbers were 7, 10, 20, 23 and 25 and the Thunderball was 3.


Saturday’s Lotto jackpot is an estimated £5.4 million.


Mystery Lottery Winner ‘May to Too Scared to Collect’

€30m lottery jackpot claimed in North

A £20m (€30.3m) British national lottery windfall was tonight finally claimed after an appeal was issued by Camelot.


It was not clear whether one person or a syndicate had scooped the prize.


However, if the ticket was bought in Northern Ireland by one person, the £20,100,472 (€30.4m) jackpot will be the biggest prize yet won by an individual.


A Camelot spokesman said: “All we can say at this stage is that the winning ticket has been claimed.


“More details will emerge in due course.”


The ticket was bought on July 14.


By Alan Erwin, PA News

A £20 million lottery ticket owner may be too terrified of having their life transformed to take their jackpot, a former winner claimed today.


With the coupon for the biggest-ever unclaimed prize bought in Northern Ireland, a Belfast man who scooped over £10m insisted there was nothing to fear.


Former bus driver Peter Lavery, 42, offered to talk to whoever has the coupon to reassure them his riches brought happiness.


He said: “I just hope the Togel Online winner isn’t afraid to collect it.


“There are people in the past who haven’t admitted it because of the fear-factor over what will happen.


“But if they want my advice I would be free to give it.”


Three weeks after the Lotto rollover draw was made no one has come forward to collect the cheque for £20,100,472.


If the ticket was bought by one person rather than a syndicate they will become the biggest-ever winner in the National Lottery’s 10-year history.


The winning numbers are 6, 27, 33, 38, 45 and 47, and the deadline for collecting the cash is January 10, 2005.


Even though Mr Lavery has held the record payout in Northern Ireland since he hit the jackpot back in 1996, he insisted he would be glad for someone else to steal the limelight.


“I want it to be someone from Northern Ireland rather than someone who was just over here on holidays,” he said.


Since his win, he has moved from his home in east Belfast to leafy Craigavad, Co Down, widely regarded as the province’s ’Millionaires Row’.


He has swapped his job with Ulsterbus for a number of business interests, and continues to lead a bachelor lifestyle.


“What happened to me eight years ago changed my life for the best, but I work just as hard as the day before I won it,” he stressed.


“Hopefully I’m the same person, but after driving buses for 11 years it doesn’t bear to think how things have been transformed for me.”