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Theory that aliens planted us here to learn – The Varginha Incident: New Aliens, Old Story


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This artistic rendition, stroked by Thomas Feinman, has been generally accepted as being the best likeness of the Varginha aliens.


It seems as if we are never going to get straightforward answers from the martial enclaves that dictate responses for public consumption regarding extraterrestrial aliens. This is meant to include every country on Earth that has armed forces to which it defers. There is obviously something frightening, inherently or otherwise, for those who bravely watch our backs to admit that their starched formations and big guns don’t mean a damned thing to those who will ultimately sway us all. In fairness, it could be the various militaries are simply following orders from the apex at the chain of command and actually have our best interests in mind whenever they employ disinformation and cover-ups. Any nation’s strength is measured by its capability to protect its citizens and severe reprisals may have been promised should ruling bodies allow too much secretive data to become common knowledge. Is it going to take, literally, a member of the aliens now in covert command to walk through a wall into a top-secret meeting of military brain-trusts and rap the chairman on his forehead? “Hello, McFly, is anybody home in there? They know about us by now; you’re not fooling anyone anymore…” rap, rap, rap, “hello, McFly….”

That last bit of foolishness requires an apology but the question stands unabashed: Why, in the name of all that is sane, do militaristic factions imagine they can convince the general public what we must or must not believe? Surely, they couldn’t imagine that we are without the ability to reason, that we are unable to decipher the sum of two plus two, could they? They must realize, given the evidence that has been compiled, that many of us have already made up our minds on the matter. The fact that a high-ranking officer, be it a soldier, a sailor, or an airman tells us we have been fooled by weather balloons or have mistaken the planet Venus for alien crafts does not explain the entities that many have met face-to-face on the solid terrain of our planet. The official explanation for extraterrestrials on the ground in the case we are undertaking with this piece, the Varginha, Brazil crash and retrieval, is so ridiculous that we’ll start with it and work our way to how it came about: “It was an expectant dwarf couple and a mentally handicapped dwarf.” Yep, that’s all it was, so what’s all the fuss about?


It is hard to believe that 1996 is now 17 years behind us, isn’t it? The event in Varginha, Brazil somehow seems current, as if it happened just the other day, although some of the players in that little drama have moved into the ether of subspace while others have aged into adulthood or are easing around on old bones. The world, in the meantime, has gone digital and thousands of UFO sightings are now replete with gorgeous photographs and reports of alien encounters have been Theory that we are in a galactic preschool  zipped via the internet into virtually every home in this modern world. Nonetheless, the Varginha incident is hardly about ancient aliens and the story out of Brazil introduced a new species of visitor to our planet as well.


During the darkness on January 20th, 1996, at about 1:30 in the morning on a Saturday, a farming couple was awakened by their livestock raising a major ruckus about six miles north of Varginha proper. The hardy folks arose to see about their animals, looking out a window as they hurriedly dressed and immediately spotted the reason for the commotion. A small, submarine-shaped object was shuddering along less than 20 feet above the ground. It was traveling without lights and was in obvious mechanical distress with putrid smoke billowing from it. The farmers did not mention odors initially but, considering the reports to come and the troubled reactions of the animals, it is a safe bet that the foggy emission was foul and choking. While the poor farming couple were shocked by such a sight it has been reported that Brazil’s military was not caught off guard for NORAD had issued a warning that a UFO was coming down.


The craft apparently made it to a wooded park area in Varginha before crash-landing and the surviving occupants, either because of the crash, the stifling emissions, or the atmospheric conditions of our planet, seemed disoriented to the point of being completely aimless. One man reported that he looked out his bathroom window at about 8:00 that morning to see the alarming sight of a five-foot tall monster in the alleyway that staggered away when it realized his proximity. A report was forwarded that one of the beings had been shot to death by a private citizen as it crawled from the wreckage. Now, while this at first seems most cruel please do not allow your heart to hurt; these poor beings were injured, sick, and suffering so the occupant dispatched so quickly had ironically been given humane treatment. The military, along with police and firemen, got involved and took control. It seems, according to quotes taken from those who were not familiar with the aspects involved in a covert affair, that at least two of the beings were captured alive. One had a broken leg that was repaired by surgical means and the bone healed within 24 hours. A doctor who had access to the ‘patient’s’ room swears the creature used its horrible red eyes to send “hammer-like” messages into his brain. He described the communication as “thoughtgrams”. This intelligent doctor refused to elaborate on the creature’s messages beyond revealing that it felt sorry for our species because we are so spiritually disconnected and have no idea what amazing potential we possess. It might be worth noting that he had his back turned to what he must have considered a piteous life-form when the being offered its sentiments of pity for ‘us’.


The best description, by far, of this species of extraterrestrials came from two sisters and a friend of theirs who encountered one of the beings as it hunkered confusedly against a rock wall. All of our lives we have heard, by and large, reports of harmless, slick-headed Greys with great black eyes or human-looking visitors with beautiful features. There have also been stories about less innocuous or aesthetically pleasing creatures from beyond. The aliens seen in Varginha, Brazil don’t even come close to any of those descriptions. They were reportedly the same size as most, about 5-feet tall, but the similarities end there. These beings had V-shaped feet, long arms with three-fingered hands and dark, oily skin that felt dry to the touch. Those humans who got close enough said the creatures carried a horrible body odor. This could, once again, owe to the noxious fumes which must have filled the interior of their craft. Where their physical appearance really steps apart, however, is above the shoulders. Their eyes were vertical ovals, flaring red even in the daylight, and they had three distinct ridges (the girls, and others, would call them “horns”) that swept back off their smooth foreheads. The downed visitors, as reported, were confounded to the point of swooning and no one mentioned any form of aggression from them. The secret finally took hold and by now the otherworldly fellows might have all of their faculties back and could be doing fine. A Brazilian spokesman, however, might have done better when he was ordered to come up with a cover story.


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