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We have been reading the articles appearing all over the gambling boards about your casinos refusing to pay people who honestly won money by playing according to your officially posted rules. In your responses you have been trying to narrow the problem down to just a few players owed just a few thousand dollars. You even claim to have contributed all the locked out money to a charity – stating that you only took $15,000 of their money. That is obviously a lie. On the message boards you will easily find numerous players from each of whom you “seized” similar amounts.

We would like to bring to everyone’s attention the matter which we have been trying to resolve for many months now, with no luck so far. We will show that what is happening now is nothing more than a continuation of a pattern of Golden Palace’s theft of funds from honest players.

We all joined the several casinos associated with Golden Palace around October – November 1999. From the start, we indicated our association with each other (we are a group of relatives, friends, and business associates) to the casino’s security staff. We had numerous communications with Meyer Oheyom and Mark Francis, who always allowed all us to play using our separate accounts, participate in all promotions, and corss-use our credit cards between our play accounts. We even e-mailed a list of all our casino accounts to assist Golden Palace in identifying us. We also faxed them a reference letter from the US TREASURY issued to the IFEX GLOBAL corporation – a company for which many of us work. Additionally, as per their request, we faxed copies of our credit cards to them in order to prove that the cards were ours. Following that, we were specifically promised by Mark Francis that our accounts would never be locked and we can play as much and as long as we want. At all times we communicated with the casinos in good faith, treating them with respect and openness.

We were offered to participate in a large number of promotions that Golden Palace and associated casinos ran in the last months of 1999. These offers came to all of us directly from the casinos via e-mail. We never solicited any of these offers or asked for the e-mails to be sent to us. When we called to ask how the casinos could afford such offers, we were told that they were interested in attracting new clients and making existing clients happy and we were directly urged by Golden Palace’s staff to participate in these promotions.

We precisely and carefully followed all rules indicated in the Pengeluaran Sgp promotion offers and the disclaimers. Having made close to $2,000,000 in wagers, we ended up winning about $235,000 between the 11 of us. Most of this money were given to us as bonuses during promotions, and, being good black jack players, we managed to not only preserve the bonuses, but actually win on top of them. At all times we followed all written and verbal guidelines with which Golden Palace provided us. The challenge of Golden Palace’s promotions is to wager the necessary amount without losing the bonus. We are sure there are many people who took this challenge and ended up losing their money. We did not lose – we ended up winning. This money was no longer theirs, it was given to us as bonus, and, probably to their amazement, Golden Palace was not compensated by our losses, because we did not lose.

Of the $235,000 we won, we were only paid $75,000, and our remaining funds were “locked out” on January 14, 2000 by Golden Palace with no explanation whatsoever. Golden Palace and the other associated casinos refused to answer any our requests for the names of their officers, their registered address, the names of their corporations, their licensing information. Mark Francis refused to take our calls. Everyone else told us that he was the one with whom we would need to discuss the payment of our money.

Since then, having faced similar problems with other winners, Golden Palace invented several buzzwords and phrases for which they use when stealing people’s money, like “bonus abuse” (read: “bonus use”), “haven’t we paid you enough already” (read: “if you win once and do not lose afterwards we won’t pay you”), “thanks but no thanks” (read: “go away and, by the way, forget about your money”) and “you won with our money” (they forget that when they give someone a bonus, the money is no longer theirs).

We understand that Golden Palace may have made a business mistake in its aggressive marketing campaign. Apparently, they gave players too much money in bonuses and are now trying to correct their mistake by confiscating the funds from the players who ended up winning the most (we are sure that if after $2,000,000 in wagers we ended up losing $235,000, our accounts would stay open and our money would be lost forever). In any normal company, Mark Francis would lose his job for running such a “marketing” campaign, but apparently his position at Golden Palace is secured by personal interests.

For everyone’s eyes, Golden Palace posts a “Top 20” list of their best players. You will notice that the top winners through April 2000 were cashing out well over $100,000 every month. You can see how after they locked their top winners out, their best player on the “Top 20” list shrunk to a mere $54,500 in May 2000. The reason is that they locked out everyone who won more. We are sure that many of their prior months’ “Top 20” winners never got their money.

It is any casino’s right to restrict some players from visiting it, but has anyone ever heard of a casino taking the chips from a player locking guests out of their room where they kept their winnings?

We have made numerous attempts to negotiate a release of our accounts with Golden Palace. So far we have not succeeded. The best reasons they could come up with were that they did not know if the credit cards were used fraudulently or if the persons on the accounts actually existed. Our offers to prove the opposite were left without response. Also, Golden Palace could not use their usual argument of all of us being associated, because they had known it all along – we were always forthcoming in giving them any information they wanted.

We would like to make this last attempt to resolve the situation by offering Golden Palace to unlock our accounts on the following terms:


  1. We will provide proof of the identity for each of us to prove we are not the same person (one of GP’s usual claims)


  1. We will provide proof that all credit cards used on all accounts are legally ours


  1. We will provide proof that all our bank accounts are valid for receiving wire transfers


  1. We will never participate in any more promotions


  1. We will make wagers on each account that would equal at least 10 times that account’s current balance.


  1. We will notify all recipients of this e-mail that our case was resolved fairly and to our complete satisfaction.


We will also welcome any reasonable alternate offer from Golden Palace.


The list of our accounts is provided at the bottom of this message. We also have complete records of all our purchases, winnings and cashins, as well as the e-mail logs of communication with Golden Palace and the associated casinos.


Should we be unable to resolve this situation, our next steps will be:


  1. Immediately initiate a massive campaign on the Internet to deter existing players and other potential victims from playing at Golden Palace, Casino Depot and other associated casinos. We are prepared to use at least the $75,000 we already received to pay for the necessary advertising throughout the gambling community.


  1. Request that the licensing bodies in Canada and Antigua revoke the license for Golden Palace and all associated casinos for violation of gaming regulations, deception of players, credit card fraud and bank fraud.


  1. File or join class-action suits against Golden Palace, ECashWorld, MicroGaming and all other associated parties and attract as many players who are in a situation similar to ours.


  1. Complain to the relevant agencies, including INTERPOL, and provide them with information about the credit card fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud and other criminal operations that are run from the Antigua office of Golden Palace, and the names of the individuals who we believe orchestrated this scam.


  1. Attract massive media attention to the non-payment of our winnings. We are sure that all gambling publications in the United States will be happy to run articles about on-line casinos stealing large amounts of money from private citizens. We also know of the interest various TV news networks have expressed in running specials on this situation and we have plenty of information that will interest them.


  1. Request the assistance of US State Department and other US government and law-protection agencies in the recovery of our funds from Golden Palace and associated organizations.


Below our signatures you will find a table with names, e-mail addresses, as well as the list of the accounts from which Golden Palace has stolen our money. If any of these amounts are not correct, please inform us so that we can coordinate our records.


At the top of this letter is the list of third parties to whom we sent a copy of this message for their reference. We ask these parties to use this message internally and in helping us resolve this situation. We believe this message should be made public only if we are unsuccessful in resolving this issue.


In the event we are unable to resolve this situation, we urge all gambling web sites to post this message on the board dealing with Golden Palace and the associated casinos so that nobody is kept in the dark about what is going on and so that prospective players can be warned to stay off these sites.