Lurking in the Shadows

Let me start saying that I have been slacking off the last few days with my blogs. I have been going through some personal things (sigh, relationships drain the life 8g88 me) in addition to writing like a madman this past few days. I will eventually post some things I said I’d post, lol. Bare with me.

On the good side, my lovely and talented intern Paris is back from her European holiday so now I have someone to help summarize the growing number of poker blogs out there. Poker blogs are the new tatoos. I think even my grandma has one now.

Last night, I was multi-tasking, hanging out with my brother, eating pizza, and watching the Knicks game. I aslo fired up Party Poker. I had a rough week playing NL ring games and my bankroll is under $50. So I hit the 50cent-$1 tables to build it back up. Those games require no/little concentration, and I’m on auto-pilot. No loose-maniac-aggressive-Pauly in those games. I wait for the nuts, then attack.

Alas, when I wasn’t waiting for my premium hands, I was lurking in the shadows watching the tables that my fellow bloggers played on. I watched Boy Genius win a $10 SNG! He made an incredible call when it was heads up and the chip totals were virtually even. He (as well as I) thought the other dude was bluffing at a pot. With Q-8o our hero from Michigan made a tough call with a pair of 8s and reraised all-in on the flop. Alas, he ran into pocket Aces! Wow. Of course, the poker gods were loving BG last night and he caught another 8 on the turn. Amazing (and lucky) call. But alas, BG walked away a winner. You have to make moves and risk your chips at some point if you want to win a tournament. Good job, BG! Of course BG was giving me shit for playing so tight in my low limit game. He got bored watching me fold, fold, fold, fold…

I also caught some of Grubby playing in several qualfiers and multi-table toruneys. His A-10 ran into A-Q and got bounced from one. And what’s a visit to the tables on Party Poker and not checking in on HDouble playing three $3-6 tables at once. I didn’t say anything, but I was watching for a little while. HDouble took down a huge pot with A4d after he flopped a nut flush and fish were still betting into him on the river. He talks about going on tilt in a shorthanded $5-10 game in his latest entry: Why Hustling Beats Rounding.

Yeah, it was cool to finally watch some of these guys play. Party Poker is an amzing place. More to come.