BulletPete and FoxyUK hit the sanghoki $25,000 buyin!


All eyes are on the Bellagio this week for the 2007 5th Annual Five Star World sanghoki Classic (WPT Championship).

With a $25,000 buy in, this event isnt for the feint hearted.

Two of our regular players are there and have survived day 1 with decent sized stacks.

Pete goes into day 2 with $42.5K and Foxy has $47k.

They werent just getting attention for their chip stacks either, Foxy managed to draw the ire of his dealer and got served with a 20 minute ban!

Returning from a break a hand was played and Foxy stole the blinds with a bet, the dealer realised the button had been in the wrong position though, and asked Foxy to return the blinds. Apparently Foxy’s reply of “Get #$%ed they are my chips” wasn’t appreciated by the dealer and the ban was quickly dished out.

Our boys have a day off today and return tomorrow for day 2 action. We will post updates as soon as we hear news.

Greenstein takes down the Sunday 20K Guaranteed

Okay, so it wasn’t Barry Greenstein, but it was a Greenstein, Eric Greenstein and just like his more famous namesake, he has some serious game. Not content in playing the 20K, he took on the 3k Deepstack Guaranteed at the same time. While the Deep stack didnt run as long as the 20K he did a solid couple of hours early where he had to multi-table the two tournaments, and while he was building a solid stack in the 20K he was dominating his way to the top of the Deep stack tourney. Then after taking down the Deep stack, turning his $100 buy in into $1,500 he had to re-focus and somehow managed to go on to win the 20K Guaranteed taking home $5,400 for first place there. Thats nearly $7,000 for a couple of hours poker.

Why not try your luck at pulling a Geenstien and take down both of the big Sunday Guarantees this weekend, the starting EV in both tourneys is great and with their staggered start times, it makes for a great evening of poker.

Amica1 takes his shot at the Italian Poker Championships

Last month one of our regular players Amica1 (Paolo), took part in the main event at the Italian Championships in San Remo. After playing very well during qualifying, Paolo secured his spot in the final that will be televised on Sky Sports.

Here is his wrap up from the event:

Starting 360ppl. that was three times increase than last year (only 163ppl) – also in prizes 1st. 104K euro last paid place 36th – 1,5K euro.

Until the dinner break I was going steady always in the average stack , didn’t really had a great hands but everything was going just fine (was playing my game and was happy with it). After the dinner I was seated in the new table with two really big stacks. I was on seat 4 but no.3 was a big stack bully !!! Situation didn’t look very good as my hands just freeze to death as well bully was just playing crazy game. I was lucky enough (with my stack very below avr.) to win one big pot and send a low stack home before they moved me to another table!!!

New table was much better, (seat 4) level 11, on second hand my KK went all in and heads up with chip leader of the table A9 off , flop didn’t change anything on turn K and I double up !!! three hands after on my BB I had AJ diamonds and went all in with low stack KJ heart , flop J 34 rainbow turn and river no change 4nobody and I was up 60k.

Next two levels really didn’t happen anything.

Level 15 around 1am Im spinning around 50-60k , we have a new player around 50k she is starting going all in 3 maybe 4 times a round almost always showing monsters AA KK QQ … its getting ridiculous !!! on that level where ante are 400 and blinds 2000 – 4000 its very difficult to play a game I folded already 99, 1010 and AJ hearts. 69 players to go.

At 2am casino announced that we only playing till 3am and the rest of the games will start 2morrow at 12am. In that point I was around avr. stack 65k . 2.30 I’m in late position with AK hearts ant.400 blinds 3000 – 6000 (lady ‘all in’ on BB that’s a always vary scary !!!) raise 6k!!! I call two players, flop A105 rainbow (no heart) ..and she starts her lovely song I bet all in…..just imagine that. I called time and after 2min folded she shows 1010. end 4today.

52 players left Im around 50k ante 500 blinds 5k 10k same table, my second hand middle position, in front of me all in with 65k ( I know him from last day like to play middle pairs and put him on p10 or p9) looking at my hand QQ after few second I called his all in and now from the BB scary LADY announced her ALL IN!!! in that moment without a flop I know that Im in the very bad situation. Player on my right showing JJ my QQ and she is showing of course AA. Flop no change for anybody turn K and river 8 !!! only what was left 4me was my 50th place.


We love hearing reports from our players out in live events, so feel free to drop us a line and keep us updated if you are heading out to any events in your corner of the world.