Note: The information presented in this section is for entertainment purposes only and does not disclose any information not already in the public domain. No assassination attempts are required! Thank you.

Confirmation of the spy radio transmission "OLX" from the Czech Interior Ministry in 1994.

    Welcome to the Shortwave Espionage section. Here you can access the book "Secret Signals, The Euronumbers Mystery" which was writtpeter
"Secret Signals" is about the enduring mystery of the shortwave bands-namely the "Numbers Stations" These are supposedly one way transmissions to espionage agents working in foreign countries. Where do these transmissions come from? Well, one source is an Embassy building in a particular country. Look at the grotesque log periodic antenna on top of the
Yugoslav embassy in Washington. Other sites may include international broadcasters. The B.B.C. has always denied any involvement and in the book you will read of a denial of the use of the frequency 6840 kHz "We have not used it for many years". However, later on came the following reply from B.F.B.S. "Thank you for your letter enquiring about our 6840 kHz frequency and any associated interference. You may, or may not, know that this frequency was "lent" to us in order that British Forces serving in the Gulf area could keep in touch with not only the British news but also Service news via BFBS.

The transmitter that radiates this frequency is situated on Cyprus and the transmissions are directed towards the Gulf region (sounds familiar!). We have never had any complaints of the type you describe and therefore no call for further action. It would seem that the heavy interference you describe may well not affect our listeners in the Gulf area since our signal there will be infinitely stronger." See QSL1 and QSL2. Could this be a QSL in lieu of a Lincolnshire Poacher confirmation? There have been stations that have had genuine callsigns such as DFC37 and DFD21 and even stations that have issued QSL cards, such as Czech station OLX and semi-spy station KKN44.

The Number Stations use
one time pads which are unbreakable if used correctly. Agents have been caught with them in hollowed out bars of soap . Or even talcum powder containers.

Thanks to a Number Stations 4 CD set brought out by Akin Fernandez, this esoteric subject has been shown on national TV and radio.  There have been many books and magazine articles published on the subject.


Quim S. (aka qsr711) recordings. QSR711

What stations are on the air today? See: PRIYOM.ORG

Enigma 2000 Yahoo group (for the definitive newsletter)

The International Number Station Monitoring Association

Listen to some sound clips sent in during a competition in 2004

Listen to some sound clips sent in during a competition in 2007

Articles in Enigma Magazine :

Interference by number stations to legitimate broadcasts.  

Number stations mentioned in a UFO book!

In June 07 I made a 2500 round trip to the border of Slovakia/Ukraine, taking in Poland, Germany, Czech Rep, Hungary and Austria. I made this video of the trip which includes footage of the E3 Lincolnshire Poacher being received loud and clear on a hotel balcony in Budapest, Hungary. View it here.
Jochen Schäfer's historical recordings page.  
Superb recordings from the "Kopf" of German monitoring.

Historical recordings of Thomas Ingenpass, Northern Germany UPDATED
Recording from the 1980's onwards taken in Northern Germany.
Historical recordings of James C. in the U.S.A.
Archive recordings from the Eastern seaboard of the United States.

Mistakes and Bloopers
Errors in transmission.

A declassified Polish document reveals details of DFC37 and DFD21.

A whole series of espionage related documents sent in by Detlev B. in Germany. 

Includes full details in German on how to decode a message. NEW

The Ultimate Number Station Frequency List
Photos of Soviet Embassy Antenna Farms Page1.
Photos of Soviet Embassy Antenna Farms Page 2. (Courtesy of Desmond Ball)
Photos of Soviet Embassy Antenna Farms Page 3.  
Lincolnshire Poacher transmitter site photos.  
French Embassy photos in Moscow  
Italian Embassy photos in Moscow  
Vietnam Embassy photos in Moscow  
United States' Consulate in Jerusalem, Israel.  

All the original recordings of the stations below were made in 
Kingston upon Hull and Anlaby, UK using a SONY ICF 7600D, 
in the period 1985 - 2013. 

Photo shows 5F messages sent in fast Morse being decoded 
with a Sony ICF 2001D and Commodore 64 computer in the 
winter of 1988.
E1- YL/EE "Ready, Ready"
E3- "Lincolnshire Poacher" YL/EE MI 6  Transmitter site photos
E3a-Cherry Ripe YL/EE MI 
E5-"Counting Station" YL/EE CIA
E6/E7-Russian Man in English  
E9- Magnetic Fields
E10- MOSSAD Phonetic Alphabet Station 
E11- YL/EE "Oblique"
E12- YL/EE NNN Sign On
E13-  5 Dashes Station
E14--YL/EE "Count Control"
E15- "Mary Susan Adam" YL+OM  
E16- "2 Letter" YL/EE BND  Schedule 
E17--English Lady 00000 Ending
E18--YL/EE "Fife Free" ends 0 0 0  
E21-"4F Counting Station" YL/EE CIA 
E22) - Indian Man on 15400 kHz + 17385 kHz Mystery solved.
E23- Swedish Rhapsody with Counting Station voice 3 messages, no breaks.
E25  English Male Voice 4F 9450 kHz
G1- Tyrolean Music Station YL+OM/GG, G1A Irregular Tunes, G1B phrases and irregular tunes.
G2- "Swedish Rhapsody" YL/GG , G2A Counting In Call.  
G3- "The Gong Station" YL/GG NVA  
G4-The 3 Note Oddity
G5- "Counting Station" YL/GG CIA 2= "zwo", G5A, 2= "zwei"
G6-Russian Lady in German 00000
G7- YL/German 000 000 Ende
G8- "Four Note Rising Scale" YL/GG Stasi, G8A Single repeated 5F group and Morse "A's" G8B rapid dots TS.
G11-YL/GG "Strich"
G12- YL/GG NNN Sign On
G13-  5 Dashes Station
G15- "Papa November" YL/GG BND, G15A "Continuous reading"
G16- "2 Letter Station" YL/GG BND   Schedule
G18- YL/GG Rise and Fall Scale
G19 -Russian Man in German 00000
G20- "Spruch" OM/GG , G20A repeating single 5F group.
G21--Music and Morse Letter
G22--YL/GG "Nomer, Gruppen" ends 0 0 0  
S2- Drums and Trumpets"
S3--Okno Okno Okno
S4 "Edna Sednitser-ends 0 0 0
S5-Czech Station OLX
S6/S7- Russian Man  
S8--YL/Serbo Croat "YT"
S10/S10E--YL/Czech "Bulgarian Betty"
S11/S11A- "YL "Presta" and "Cherta"
S15/S16-Czech Station OLX
S17E--YL/Czech "Bulgarian Betty"
S21 "YL/RR "Adieu"" 
V1- OM/Rumanian "Skylark"
V2--Cuban Spanish Lady "Attencion" 
V5--"Counting Station"  YL/SS
V6 Russian Lady in Spanish
V7--Russian Man in Spanish
V8- Eastern Music Station
V12- YL/French NNN Sign On
V18- YL/Hungarian NNN Sign On
V19 WTR 21 Don't cry for me Argentina
V23 - YL/French (Russian Lady)
S28 buzzer hourly tone by " Poacher" in Russia   
Audio clip by "Poacher" in Russia.
Anthony S. in NY state, U.S.A says: "We have a website at
www.uvb-76.net. If you need any information on what has been going on lately, a few of us have been working on a "study page" for the station, with archives of all recent messages: http://danix111.cba.pl/ns/uvb-76.html which is under the authorship of Daniel E. Along with that, we have a podcast at www.uvb-76.cba.pl.
From Keith Perron in Taiwan comes this recording of a Chinese Number Station. Keith says:
Article by Wendell Minnick in Defense News 
Frequency: 11430kHz
Station: China spy number station DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP

When: Daily
Transcript of opening of message:
This is a message for  6-6-1-6-3 pay attention to message!
And a message for 6-1-6-6-3 pay attention to message!
This is a message for 2-2-3-6 pay attention to message 55 for 2-2-3-6
(this is followed by the message)

Asian number station comments from E.S. in Shanghai

The MOSSAD Stations by M.G.
Letter from "Marcel" in France
Letter from "Derek" about transmitter sites.
Article by "Garganta La Profunda"
Looking back with "D"-The Schulzes
Looking back with "D"- Radio in the Gehlen Organisation
The Life and Times of Cynthia by P.S.
Looking back with "D" - Czech Mate, The case of Erwin van Haarlem
G7 "The Friday Night Fraulein"
Curious case of Swiss Radio, BBC and Swiss Secret Service
Havana Moon in search of Florida transmitter Sites
The Mystery of the Numbers Stations by Havana Moon
Secrets of Short Wave radio espionage by Don Schimmel.
The State of Number Stations at the end of 1999
Cyprus TV exposes Lincolnshire Poacher site:
Number stations in the "Big Secrets" book by William Poundstone.
Is this "evidence" that the 1970's pirate station Radio North Sea had an East German connection?  
Irdial Discs reaches compromise with rock group
Number station article in Wikipedia
French DGSE explains how it trains its agents to use number stations
Article on the discussion group "Slashdot" DEC 06
The Hackers Voice Telecoms Digest Pt 1  Pt2  and pt3 NEW

E3 Lincolnshire Poacher site.
Jupiter/Tequesta Florida site
S28 Buzzer site.


Did the Skylark fly again in 2003? VIDEO
How to hide a Numbers Station  VIDEO 
The Lincolnshire Poacher caught on video VIDEO 
MOSSAD station MIW 2 on 5339.5 kHz (rare 0.5kHz offset) VIDEO 
Voice of Korea on 11545 kHz clashing with E3 Lincs. Poacher.  
E10 MOSSAD station interferes with Radio Africa VIDEO 
V2 Cuban Spanish station interferes with WYFR Family Radio. VIDEO 
"Der Westen Leuchtet" VIDEO clip. VIDEO 
S06 interfering with Radio Ukraine International on 9950 kHz  VIDEO 
G11 9443 kHz for 508/00 at 1100 UTC 7 DEC 07  VIDEO 
S6 5070 kHz for 824 at 1500 UTC 4 DEC 07  VIDEO 
S6 6337 kHz for 537 at 1510 UTC 4 DEC 07  VIDEO 
Spanish Cuban Lady V2 30 APR 08 1600 UTC 5898 kHz VIDEO 
E11 Oblique at 0900 UTC 14 MAY 08 on 9022 kHz VIDEO
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot on 9202 and 10648 kHz on 29 MAY 08 at 1833 UTC. VIDEO 
E10 Echo Zulu India 1 being jammed on one of its two frequencies. VIDEO 
E11a 0950 UTC 11 SEP 08 on 9575 kHz mixing with Radio Medi Un, Morocco. VIDEO
S6 Russian lady on 12140 kHz with massive AM signal VIDEO

Read the personal story of Thomas Wagner (who told me part of his story a few years ago)
Memories of Christian S. in Germany 

Mark Fosella's Red Herring Cipher.
Chris Smolinski's Number Station Resource
Signal Intelligence Site - Germany
Dirk Rijmenants' site AUDIO Dirk's Free One Time Pad number generator.
Star Trek's Wesley's (Wil Wheaton) blog
Whole Numbers Play The Basics by Myke Weiskopf  
Manolis in Crete - E25 Audio AUDIO
Irdial Discs New Site (Producers of CONET CDs)
Ary Boender's Numbers and Oddities Site
The Ominous Valve  
The Straight Dope page answers a question
Ryan Grabow's Page
One Time Pad Generator
Discussion board on Live Journal

Keith Kisser's weblog  
Peter McCollum's site
"Radio Papa November"  
Play Number Station bingo here.

BBC Radio 4 programme "Tracking the Lincolnshire Poacher"  23 APR 05

BBC Radio 1 programme "Radio Anyone"  22 AUG 05
BBC Radio Humberside had a piece about number stations on their Breakfast Show of 4 NOV 09.
I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the piece which was to commemorate the 20th anniversary
of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Link to the BBC webpage "Curious Cold War Communications".

LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE: BBC Radio Humberside show.

South African Radio station "Radio RSG" programme  6 MAY 06.

German series "Galileo" shown on Channel Pro7 showing how number stations work.
WATCH THE SHOW HERE: "Galileo" shown on Channel Pro7.

ARTE: "Cryptology - searching for secret codes"
with Jochen S.

At 0400 UTC on 28 MAY 08 I was interviewed for the Richard Syrett show on 1010 CFRB Toronto Canada.
Richard spoke with a shortwave radio enthusiast and author/researcher about Spy Number Stations. Numbers stations are shortwave radio stations of uncertain origin. They generally broadcast voices reading streams of numbers, words, letters (sometimes using a radio alphabet), tunes or Morse code.  Evidence supports popular assumptions that the broadcasts are channels of communication used to send messages to spies.
Here is the edited hour long show. LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE: 

HAPPY STATION PCJ - 13 AUG 09 Happy Station Tribute To DXers Part 2

Now based in Taipei, Taiwan, Happy Station PCJ had a show broadcast over WRMI Miami at 1500 UTC on 13 AUG 09 for which I was interviewed by Keith Perron. The preceding item about short wave jamming is of interest as well.

Air date: August 13, 2009
Frequency: 9955 kHz
Webstream: www.wrmi.net

Soviet Jamming with a former Lithuanian Minister Of Communications and long time Dxer Rimantas Pleikys.
Simon Mason author of Secret Signals to talk about the mystery of spy number stations.
And the full interview with Jerry Berg about his books on the history of shortwave radio.

Happy Station Tribute To Dxers Part 2
channel4.com Channel 4 News Podcast 4 JUL 07. 

The Morning Report. Download edited version. With Geoff White. LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE: 
2 FEB 08 
Definitely Not the Opera is the ideal audio guide to the fast-changing world of popular culture. It's your tip sheet to what's hot, what to watch, who to listen to and what's going on.
LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE: Definitely Not the Opera 2 FEB 08

 On the "old school technology" front, if you spend enough time listening to short-wave radio, you may eventually stumble on mysterious voices reading strings of numbers… Is it a secret code, or a promotion for the TV show Lost? Internet audio guy
John Pellatt looks into the mystery of numbers stations for us.
AmateurLogic.tv site.  

George, Tommy, and Peter are back with the long awaited episode 20. Tour the Hy-Gain Factory and see how antennas and rotors are built. Peter tells us all about those mysterious ‘Numbers Stations’ on short wave. Plus an update on what your hosts have been up to lately, viewer email and timely topics.

1 OCT 06. Dutch radio station VPRO with a programme about Czech spy Erwin van Haarlem. 
The show called "Het Spoor Terug" (The trail back) is in two parts. IN DUTCH.

Part 1  VPRO  1 OCT 06 Het Spoor Terug

Deutschlandfunk programme in German 

"Achtung: Fünnef, zwo, null, null, Trennung.
"Geheimdienste auf Sendung
by Claudia Heissenberg. 
Broadcast 1715-1800 UTC on 16 SEP 03.

DLF- 16 SEP 03 SHOW.

Bayerische Rundfunk (Bavarian TV) broadcast a programme in the Einblick series on 7 MAR 04 featuring number stations.

BR- 7 MAR 04 SHOW.
Der Westen Leuchtet.
Thanks go to Daniel S. in Germany for providing the sound clip, photos and scene description from this German film featuring the G16 2-letter station.
NEW View this as a video clip. 
Thanks to Matthias M. in Preston for the clip.
"Der Westen Leuchtet" VIDEO clip.
Radioropa Info, the German commercial station, which produced the programme
"Radiowelt" with the numbers contribution in 2008, made another earlier
transmission about numbers stations, produced in the 1990 by Andreas Erbe,
a well-known hobby friend in Germany. Thanks to Jochen S.

Radiowelt 2008

Here is a clip from a film shown in Poland in 1968. 
Marek W was kind enough to make a copy. Here is his story.

I downloaded only a few parts of it, to rip these videos, it's
probably Stasi gong station G3, without starting gongs of course. My
uncle told me that makers of this film asked the Polish Militia about spycraft
communication related materials to present something close to the
truth in a movie and they gave them these recordings.
The story is about a fictional spies group called Korn.

Download Korn video clip. VIDEO

As above, a film depicting a spy receiving a coded message over his shortwave radio.
From the 1973 Soviet TV series, Seventeen Moments of Spring (Rus: ?????????? ????????? ?????)
Seventeen Moments of Spring  YOUTUBE VIDEO
Fox TV's show Fringe includes a clip from Swedish Rhapsody G2 in the episode 6955 kHz..


See the clip here and read the Digital Spy review.

Video clip from the 2007 film "The Company" showing one times pads being discovered. VIDEO
Thanks to Bruno in Portugal for the clip.

KGB in Deutschland LISTEN HERE: 
"On 29 NOV 06 on the French/German channel ARTE, three different German stations apparently made it a 'Secret Services' night". Part of this series of programmes was called KGB in Deutschland” presented by the German TV station ARD. Thanks again go to Daniel S. in Germany for providing the sound clip, photos and description from this show.

BBC 1 "Here and Now" show aired 21 APR 1997 AT 1830 UTC.

BBC - 21 APR 97 SHOW

European Music Radio transmission with Soviet "U" beacon "interference."

EMR - 12 APR 04 SHOW.

National Public Radio's "All Things Considered"

NPR - 12 NOV 04 SHOW.
NPR's Lost and Found Sound May 2000 AUDIO

CBC Radio broadcast a 4 minute piece about number stations all across Canada on Tue 13 Jul 10.

With Blair Sanderson.

CBC Radio Blair Sanderson 13 Jul 10  AUDIO  

Radio Moscow answers my Number Station question in 1988 DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP

Radio Netherlands Media Network reviews "Secret Signals"
Radio Netherlands Media Network interviews Havana Moon  DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP
Radio Netherlands Media Network in 1991 with Simon Mason interview DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP 

Juan Carlos in Spain sent in a programme (Radio Enlace) of Radio Netherlands Spanish language service from
1990 which has a feature on Number Stations.
Radio Netherlands 1990 DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP
Thanks Juan Carlos!

Radio Fax reviews "Secret Signals" in their Sparks programme

BBC Radio 5 Live "Sunday Service" 21 APR 02
(with Akin Fernandez) DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP 

Did TalkSPORT host James H Reeve get conned into sending a spy message?
Another secret message from James H Reeve AUDIO 

On 27 NOV 96, DJ host Nick Abbot took a couple of calls from listeners about number stations. 
Even though the host was in the radio business, he had never heard of them before. 

 AUDIO  Talk Radio UK 1999 DOWNLOAD
Danny Baker and Danny Kelly on Talk Radio in 1999 talking about the STASI Gong station at the end of their football phone in.

"Macca" from Winsford calls James H Reeve on Key 103 in JUN 05 AUDIO 

German TV Programme about "Topspion Topas" b/cast 7 AUG 02

German TV programme. A reporter receives the E5 Counting Station signals outside the U.S. Frankfurt site. Thanks to James C.

US-Spionage in Deutschland (Phoenix 2003) Part 1 VIDEO

US-Spionage in Deutschland (Phoenix 2003) Part 2 VIDEO

US-Spionage in Deutschland (Phoenix 2003) Part 3 VIDEO

Resonance FM with the show: "Sending Out a Message" with Akin Fernandez interview.
18 NOV 08
Sending Out a Message DOWNLOAD AUDIO 

CKUT-FM is the official campus community radio station of McGill University. Hear the Jan 09 programme about spy number stations in DPRK (North Korea).

Hobart Radio International's Spy Station Special Pt 1 Download show

Hobart Radio International's Spy Station Special Pt 2 Download show

Hobart Radio International's Spy Station Special Pt 3   Download show
Radio Caroline Eifel from Eisenach broadcast a German show out of Ulbroka, Latvia with number station content.

25 NOV 07 09:00 to 10:00 UTC 

Thema : Der zweite und letzte Teil : "Zahlen- & Agentensender" ( Teil 2 / 2 ) Download show 

Number station programme in German broadcast on 26 JUL 08 on "Radio Ropa" in its program "Radiowelt".

Radio Welt Jul 08  Download show
The first number station based Podcast narrated by Imperium Americana. 
21 NOV 05 Click on photo for podcast. 
The discussion is found here at

Slow Small Peasants - November 4th 2005

The Slow Small Peasants continue their series on codes with a show that uncovers the veil of secrecy in communications and surveillance. The show features interviews with Simon Singh, author of The Codebook, Helen John from Yorkshire CND, as well as spy soundscapes and number stations.

Blog Meridian by John Buaas in Wichita, Kansas, USA.
See this spoof never made for TV 1975 trailer.



Polish podcast Jan 2011 45min on number stations by Marek Sek. DOWNLOAD AUDIO

New York station WFMU broadcasts entire CONET CD at start of Iraq war MAR 2003  REAL AUDIO 
Read my runners-up essay in the 2002 Radio Prague listener's competition.
Jochen Schäfer imitating German Number stations in the German radio show "Dschungel" AUDIO
Glenn Hauser talks about number stations in his show. (tnx Cap'n Davros) AUDIO 
Radio North Sea International DJ Steve Merike dispels Spy ship theory.
Hobart Radio International's Spy Radio page. AUDIO



Watch the videos to go along with the music by The Moscow Coup Attempt.
Moscow Coup Attempt video clips 1 -7. 
Here is the G8 Stimme voice generating machine being operated by Peter Stall.

How to operate the machine. VIDEO
Spanish wav file of the Stimme machine. AUDIO
German wav file of the Stimme machine. AUDIO

Peter Stall shows off the German Stimme/Morse Machine.

"Behind the static 10 mins" by Ryan Grabow

"Behind the static 20 mins" by Ryan Grabow

In December 09 Thomas Stern, produced 3 Youtube
videos on his channel
"thenomoresilence". They are a 3 part documentation
in German about numbers stations, entitled:
"Zahlensender - auf der Suche
nach verschlüsselten Botschaften im Radio" (Numbers stations - searching
for encrypted messages on the radio)
. This whole documentation is an
interview, made with Jochen S. on November 26th last year here in his home. 
This guy uses a hand held scanner to pull in a station on 5089 kHz and SYN on 6930 kHz. 
Deanpook video clip. 
This young man mixes space noises with the old Stasi Gong station. 
Obix 1337 video clip.
Obix 1337 video clip update.
This man has filmed himself getting up in the morning for a college project. After his breakfast, he tunes in on a ghetto blaster to the STASI Gongs station and copies down the numbers. Rather like the Roman centurion in a film wearing a watch, the German STASI station apparently transmitted on FM 87.5 MHz! 
"Stations" by ihrabe 
Vintage Berlin Wall footage with G2 Swedish Rhapsody soundtrack.
The Wall / Conet Project - Numbers Station
"stg7" receiving the Lincolnshire Poacher on 6959 kHz
The Lincolnshire Poacher (MI5 number station)
Another video by stg (Thanks to Juan in Spain)
Numbers stations, beacons and other radio sounds.
"Gruppe Vier Zero"  by famadihana Age: 21
Country: Germany
LCduT's Videos can be found here.

From Christoph E in Berlin

I feel sure you will enjoy this video with a "numbers" theme to its sound track

Assuming you can understand German you will love this:

its an article about a NVA army transmitter site that used to back -up the main GDR berlin numbers transmitters when the going got tough.
Numbers Station with 1928 Science Video
Numbers station "NNN" with footage from the 1928 silent science film, "Communication". Plus a few seconds of an odd polytonal "spy" broadcast.
Gong and Chimes: http://www.vimeo.com/clip:217359

Swedish Rhapsody:
http://www.vimeo.com/clip:217265 Nice use of child like doll there. 

Thanks to Curt R. for links.
Persephone video
This is the Persephone video reversed.
In this message you can hear numbers like in numbers stations.

The message says:
101 118 105 100 101 110 116 32 97 103 101 110 100 97
(twice) which translating from the ASCII table becomes:
"evident agenda"
Mossad E10 EZI @ 6840 kHz, 2NOV.07, 21:30 UTC. Echo Zulu India.

Number Stations by Michael Blackburn.
Hidden Charlotte. The mystery of the Number Stations continues
Boards of Canada - Corsair (Numbers Station Remix)

Spanish number station being picked up on an old radio in the USA 
Cuban station V2 shown on 8140 kHz      and again on 9140 kHz  
MOSSAD station on 3230 kHz
Cuban station V2 shown on 6854 kHz as received on a Slinky antenna 
E11 as received in The Netherlands.  4 SEP 07
Secret Australian Numbers Station video.
Secret Swedish Numbers Station video.
Recent recording of the secret Swedish numbers station "Swedish Rhapsody" but on this transmission a different voice is used and one can plainly hear unencoded messages being sent to operatives. The content of the messages shows that it is the Swedish intelligence authorities that are sending the messages
Two new number stations videos from Peter in Australia.

Strange number station 1    Strange number station 2


Esquire magazine - a lead story in the AUG 08 issue.

Article in Irish Forth Magazine by Jason Walsh
MAR 10

"Messages to Spies Are Coded but Not Hidden" (Washington Post) 29 DEC 06  
Radio User magazine article published JUL 06.
Monitoring Times : Spy Stations and Cryptography
Archives of "Spooks" Newsletters
Miami New Times Article
Cold Leftovers by Annie Tomlin
Article on BoingBoing Net
Known Unknowns by Columbine
"The Shortwave And the Calling" from the Washington Post 3 AUG 04  
Waves of Fascination by Darren Keast
Irdial Discs reaches compromise with rock group- wired.com
Wired.com "Dark Side of the Band" NOV 04 
Elektor article DEC 06 by Jochen Schäfer www.elektor.com

Enigma 2000 Yahoo group
ENIGMA closure announcement  
Numbers at DX-ing.com
Don Schimmel's Utility Intrigue


Some artwork by Matt Bellamy is number station inspired and 
will be appearing in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2011.

     Bulgarian Betty
British group The Porcupine Tree's song "Even Less" ends with E14 CIA 4F 
Hear the track "Even Less" by Porcupine Tree here  DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP
From the Album "Stupid Dream" 

Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream 1999
Moby - Last Night 2008

Trip hop musician Moby has used my E5 Counting station clip "1234567890, 257" in his track of the same name, 257.zero. 
You can watch the clip on youtube here:

Moby - 257.zero  VIEW ON YOUTUBE

Stereolab's "Pause" from the "Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements" album uses "Swedish Rhapsody" clip. 
Hear the British group Stereolab's track "Pause" from the album "Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements." 

Stereolab -Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements 1993
Wilco's website

The track "Poor Places" from the "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" album has a clip from an E10 transmission.
I am unable to provide the clip, so please buy the album
or watch it on youtube!

Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2002
Boards of Canada use a heavily modified E5 "Counting station" clip in their track "Gyroscope"
Hear the above track "Gyroscope" by Boards of Canada. DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP 
Boards of Canada - Corsair (Numbers Station Remix) YOUTUBE CLIP

Boards of Canada - Geogaddi 2002
Pere Ubu's track "Coming Home" from the album "The Story Of My Life" uses modified E5 "Counting Station"
Hear the track "Coming Home" by Pere Ubu.

Pere Ubu - The Story of My Life 1993
Andy Hunter released the album "Life" in 2005. The track "Lifelight" includes the Spanish Lady V2.
Hear the track "Lifelight" DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP NEW

Andy Hunter - Life 2005
Italian group Madwork have released the album "Overflow". The first track "Null" contains a sound clip from this very site. Madwork - Null  DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP See details of the CD here: Madwork - Overflow.

Madwork - Overflow 2004
The group "Chroma Key" uses the Swedish Rhapsody German YL on the track "Even the Waves" from the album "Dead Air for Radios".
http://www.chromakey.com/ click on "Audio" then go to the bottom of the page and click on the CD cover that looks like the planet Mars. Click on "Play" Use the audio player at the bottom to select track 2.

Chroma Key - Dead Air For Radios 1999

Rebecca Black - Friday 
(VEKTROID 'Pagan Coma' Remix)
Madtone is the brainchild of One Deck Pete who blends number stations and other SW sound into his mix. Listen to their music here: Madtone. 
"Garden of Earthly Delights.' 

Madtone - Garden of Earthly Delights 2006

2008 Releases
Exercise on Referral AUDIO CLIP

2010 Releases
The Tiranese AUDIO CLIP
i Society  AUDIO CLIP 
Change the Dub AUDIO CLIP NEW

Nov 2010: Pirate Week's Swedish Rhapsody jingle. AUDIO CLIP NEW

From Madtone Pete.
Just to let you know that on this week's Pirate Week podcast (11 OCT 09, about
11 and a half minutes in
www.piratesweek.info/ ) was a jingle from "Best of
British Radio", a pirate which transmits on 1395 kHz. They use the Lincolnshire
Poacher intro then use the LP voice which says "13955". 

Hear Pete's interview with Happy Station's Keith Perron DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP

Soundcloud: Various Artists - Number Stations 16 Track album

1) % - )))))))))))))))))))) 
2) Fixate - Be Seeing You 
3) Catigator - Build Music
4) Weather Ballons - Calling All
5) Cassiel - Ciocirlia 
6) Galapagoose - Kinematics Dub 
7) Einpuls - Null 
8) Oicho - Numberstation
9) Martin Backes - Obfuzzcation 
10) Static - Okno 
11) LongHead - Picking Numbers 
12) Atciv - Reruns From Sag A* 
13) Sam SquareWave - Taps A Lullabye 
14) I Am Genko - The (Relentless) March (of time) 
15) Maersk - The Count 
16) Made By Robot - Worst Journey in the World part 2

Derek Whiteacre, recording as "The Moscow Coup Attempt"  has produced the CD 
"The Failure of Shortwave Radio" which uses many number station clips. You can buy the CD here. AUDIO CLIPS

You can watch the video clips to go along with the music here on youtube.

The Moscow Coup Attempt- The Failure of Shortwave Radio. 2005
Cinerama released the single "Manhattan" in 2000
The B side (called "London") contains number station samples from E12 (NNN sign on) and E21 Counting station.
Hear the track "London" by Cinerama

Cinerama - London 2000
Cuban Boys album The Satellite Junkyard which is heavily laced with Swedish Rhapsody, including a version of the tune itself:


65daysofstatic released the EP "Hole" in 2005. 
One of the tracks, "No Station", contains a sample of the E3 "Lincolnshire Poacher" and "Cherry Ripe".
Hear the track "No Station" by 65daysofstatic DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP

65daysofstatic - Hole 2005 

Cactapuss has produced the track "Rinky Dink" which samples my own ghastly Hull accent!
Hear the track "Rinky Dink" by Cactapuss DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP
Click below to visit Cactapuss' MySpace.

Cactapuss - Rinky Dink

The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse CD / LP (JAG106, released: 02/20/07)
And You Lied To Me is the third track on the album and the intro features an unknown number station. 

The Besnard Lakes - And You Lied to Me 2007

The Besnard Lakes Are Spying On World Through Radio 2010

Read Article in Chart Attack column. LINK

Listen to the track 15728 by the group C!ties (from Ennis in Ireland) DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP 
Ian Malone - Drums
Sean Hurson - Keys/Bass/Electronics
Eoghan McMahon - Guitar

Band website:

''Playing With Pylons" is a new project for the multi- instrumentalist/vocalist  Brendan Perkins (of Ladibs Cricket and The Paperhouse). Supplying song lyrics, art and moral support is Tony Wright (aka Evilnerfherder). 
"We are aiming to create twisted tales about life, the universe and everything.''

You can find out more at
Hear the track "'Auf Wiedersehen (Numbers)'" by
'Playing With Pylons"   DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP

Jimmy from Oxford, UK has released several numbers-based tracks under the name "Spunkle". 

Hear the track "The Buzzer" by Spunkle.
"XPH" by Spunkle.
"Three Note Oddity" by Vehicle Derek.
"Cynthia" by Spunkle
"Three Note Oddity" by Spunkle
The Autumn Tapes
has been re released and can be ordered from Jimmy's website. 
Here is his Myspace page:
Spunkle Music

NEW Update Feb 11 - Jimmy has re released "Music for DXing" which is available here as a CD or a download

Download Ray Carmen's music including" Antenna Farm", which contains 
previously released tracks that use numbers stations and shortwave radio 
in one form or another.

Inspired by short wave number stations and the Conet Project, Botany Bay's newest single, "Voices" shows the band at a faster and harder pace, while retaining intensity and dealing with the subliminal. Botany Bay are a Pop/Postrock project, primarily consisting of Stephan Kleinert (keys, g, perc, programming) and Laura Dietrich (voc, keys). At the moment, Laura and Stephan are (still) putting the finishing touches to their new album, "Grounded", which will be released in September 2007.

Botany Bay - Voices 2007
Recorded at Stephan's place, Bonn, July 2007
Performed by Botany Bay
Produced by Stephan Kleinert
Overheard by Aya Karpinska

I was inspired by looking and listening to what the city's inhabitants are "writing" as they walk the streets and public spaces; making, breaking, negotiating the rules of language and behavior. They walk alone, in pairs, or in groups that come between each other, meet, and split. I recorded these crossing spaces, imagining the high contrast of bright winter light and dark shadows as close in spirit to black text on a white surface.

As for the soundtrack: I scanned through Internet search results, picking up bits of short-wave radio samples. Their dull static, electronic hum, weirdly fascinating recitations of numbers, and bits of song reminded me of tuning in to the mess of thoughts and ideas crowding the sidewalk.

The Black Dog live at Sonar 08 with clip using Swedish Rhapsody E2 clip.

Click above to download samples. 
Thanks to my old friend Mike C-O for the tip. 
Artist: The Black Dog
Label: Soma
Catalogue: Soma CD067
Released: 7th April 2008

Austrian noise artist "Subcarrier" has these tracks for download.
Hotel Kilo
Okno Okno Okno
Attention Oblique
Esther Venrooy - 'Shift Coordinate Points' LP (Entr'Acte)

Singular work from this Dutch-born Belgian composer who isolates elements from The Conet Project’s macabre collection of secret shortwave "number stations" and assembles them in massively brooding late night dronescapes, repeat tone clusters and flashes of phantom electricity. Something supremely disconcerting about the mechanised voices and occult number calls and put in this context the whole piece takes on a bizarre / surreal almost Nurse With Wound air. 'Shift Coordinate Points' refers to an excerpt from William Burrough's novel 'Nova Express. Edition of 300 copies.

Allan Hughes' The Listening Station.

This work was shot on location at the British army communications installation at the summit of Black Mountain, located on the edge of west Belfast. The footage represents some of the very last moving images made of this site as it was, prior to its partial and ongoing disassembly. The site remains ‘active’ in that while the British army has relocated, the few remaining transmitters are still functioning. Enquiries made to the Ministry of Defence, by Jason Mills of The Vacuum, as to the nature of transmissions sent or received at this site remain classified under security regulations.

The Listening Station explores the partial and ongoing decommissioning of this site, through the psychic history of its recent past.  The site was initially put into service during the Cold War and has subsequently figured as a totemic sentinel of Britain’s political and military surveillance of Belfast, being visible from nearly anywhere in the city on its strategic vantage point. The facility is currently being dismantled after the land was sold to the National Trust for environmental conservation in 2005.

German electro pop band OK with their track "OKAY" ends with S5 OLX 
Hear the track "Okay" by the group OK
Jean Joseph produced this piece "Ode to Number Stations" AUDIO 
Check out this weird "Net Pirate Number Station" with real video hosts reading out the numbers:

"Net Pirate Number Station" AUDIO + VIDEO CLIPS

Rigel Kent Music have a produced this track called S Y N  AUDIO 
The group "Tree Helicopter" have released an album called "Moon Calf", which includes several tracks inspired by number stations.

"Count Control Control"  AUDIO CLIPS
"Papa November"
"Romeo Kilo"
"Elephant Cage"
Peter James Daniel with the track "Magdeburg Annie"   AUDIO CLIP. Thanks to Gary H. for tip.
From album "Darwin's Waiting Room" 1998.
Danny Eskanazi recorded the track "21.252" which was featured on the 1980's album "Seattle Syndrome". The so called "British YL" E21 counting station is included in the piece.
Hear the track "21.252" 
Richard Mc Guire's myspace page where you can download his work, including the track "Long Night of the Gongs" featuring a homage to the Stasi gong station G3. DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP
Andras H. in Hungary has produced this 58 minute long sound collage. Banyek- Number Stations AUDIO CLIP. 

Here is his website with details of the playlist> 

Andras has released a new EP under the name "Souten Gorge". Download his track "Ende" AUDIO CLIP.
Evil Arrival
Free form bass playing mixed with Conet Project tracks. The bass player is Lance Miller.
EvilArrival_64kb.m3u DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP 
"Dance by Numbers"
"Something surrounded with a fair touch of mystery are the number stations. Those are short wave radio stations that broadcast sequences of numbers that are believed to be coded messages. The stations are not always on line or on the same frequency. You can find recordings of those stations on the web and I figured that maybe this could be used in one way or another…" 
Check out this
The 212-796-0735 mystery (Thanks to Vera Era)
Another phone numbers station: 415-704-0402 (Michael Hampton)
Note : This recording is obviously a fake. Every group contains a "0", hardly random! Also, it starts off with "Group 415", but there are only 49 groups, not including the "00000" ending. There no need for the "86" at the end and the music used is not distinctive enough either. 

It is confirmed as a fake here: (Quelle surprise!)
The Number Crunch is a musical piece by Duffy Laudick from Colorado, USA. It incorporates the "English Lady"
E17 into the track.

Full details of CONET CD set
A Review of the 4CD CONET Recordings
CONET review in classical music magazine, Stylus
CONET Project review    
The Skylark by Michael Cook - fantastic story featuring V1 Romanian Skylark
Buy the above CD here.
Read this incredible poem about Papa November and see her rock group!
Another Poem; "Random Mistress" by John Neumann
This weird site uses a number station portal which takes you to strange graphic experiences.
Hear the track "Udna24" by Andy Fleming based on Bulgarian Betty S10 DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP
Hear a short clip based on the 3 -note oddity by William J. Spiropoulos DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP
Hear this piece of music composed by Jimmy in Oxford, comprising of G4 and G7 samples. 3-Note  AUDIO
Article by Matrix Player
Muslimgauze are another band using sound samples
The group
"Hexane" has three tracks; 8-9-9 (coded transmission one)
papa november (coded transmission two) and 3-2-8 (coded transmission three) DOWNLOAD AUDIO CLIP
Listen to the Toronto group "The Shortwave Band" at their site.
The USA series "Lost" included a number station transmission.  

Marek Sek's Polish site NEW
A German account of the CIA G13 station's operation 
Danmark's Radio's Mads Brügger on Number Stations  
Dutch 898 Signals Battalion with many Real Audio Clips AUDIO
Dutch site about Radio North Sea sending spy messages
Article in German "Scanner" magazine FEB 1999 page1 page2 page3
"Station de Nombres" in French.
Hidehari Torii Asian Number Station site
Interview with Jochen Schäfer in German Newspaper (In German)
If you can read Greek, here's the article for you.
An article in Flemish/Dutch reviewing a "conSPIracy cantata"
Another set of Japanese based recordings here  AUDIO
Czech language site   
CONET project review in Polish 
Daniel Moeller's Papa November page.
Russian Secret Signals site.
"DX" in Russia's site

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